Office Administrator Tracey Hawke

Tracey Myren

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Designation: Office Administrator

Get to know Tracey

Family: I am married to an amazing man Ted, and I have 2 amazing children who are the loves of my life! My daughter Alyssa is a Paramedic and blows me away everyday with her strength and passion for helping people. My son Nolan is figuring out which career path he would like to take. Much like his sister, he also has a passion for helping people and a giant heart! I have 3 dogs who are my fur babies as well. Bruiser, Bentley and Bella. My parents live in Port Stanley, my sister lives in Georgetown with my niece and nephew. My bother lives in Fort Worth Texas with his wife and my 2 nieces and my nephew. Family is everything to me. We may not live close to each other, but we are a very tight family.

What do you like about life in London and area? I have lived in London since I was 6 years old. I love that our city can seem small when it is actually pretty big. I like that a beach is not too far away and that we are approximately 2 hours from 3 different airports-central to so much. There is always something to do in London including awesome events downtown in Victoria or Harris Parks. Bud Gardens offers so much as well.

Favourite Restaurants: King of the Pigs, Joe Kools, Dawg House- Clearly I am a beer and Roadhouse kind of girl. I also enjoy fine dining but haven’t done much of that lately. I work a second job at Wayside Dining Lounge (Talbotville ONT) on the weekends and I do enjoy eating there as well even when I am not working!

Hobbies: I love Cruising!! I started three years ago and am obsessed!! During the very few hours I am not working, I like to spend my time in Port Stanley visiting my parents and friends who live at the beach. For the first time my children are not involved in dance or baseball that kept me hopping. So I find myself just hanging out at home and admittedly a bit of a TV junkie! Recently I have started doing Paint Nites….I have done 3 so far, soon I will need to open a gallery HA! I find it relaxing and fun!

Dream Vacation: My dream vacation is a 2 week Mediterranean Cruise.

Dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? I would like to sit at a table with all of my Grandparents. I had the pleasure of growing up with my Grandma Mason and my Grandpa Kennedy. Their spouses, my other Grandparents passed away during my first year. So I think it would be interesting to see them together as couples and get to know them.